Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Life in another Planet.

In Cuba we have big posters alongside roads and the only highway the island. They are silenced witnesses of cars, busses and trucks passing by: nobody notices them. They are invisibles to any human kind.Life in another planet

Cubans’ life is so overwhelm with slogans and posters of any kind that they become completely unaware of their existence. For time to time, some workers travel all over those roads and the highway and change the old propaganda for something “new”, more closer at what it is happening in Castro’s government.

But it doesn’t exert any influence over Cubans. The posters have been there for a long time and they are so use to see it that they have incorporated them as the part of the national landscape, like a stone, a slope alongside the road or a wall on the top of any Havana’s building.

Propaganda has only life in Castro’s imagination and his weekly writings reserved by Cubans as a substitutive of the regular toilette paper: a common shortage in Cuba’ stores.

People are too sunken in their daily tragedy to find their daily sustenance those slogans, propaganda and revolutionary posters are out of their life.

In the other hand, no more those pieces of communist fantasies show Cuba’s realities. There is no Socialism. A few old lads are the only ones who talk with praise about Castro and Chavez, and definitively the old ruler is out of their life: no more on TV, no more on national newspapers, no more anywhere. He is out and nobody is talking about him, for good.

The old Battle of Ideas has been cornered into a small fairground of four parrots repeating Castro’s weekly reflections on TV. That was called by Cubans as squared table, because the round table is a non-sense in a Communist country.

It is hilarious and tragic how Cuba’s government takes more effort to lift those big posters alongside Cuba’s roads after any hurricane, even before their first aid response to its inhabitants in construction supplies.

Propaganda, repression and prohibition are the only industry with a future in Cuba. Havana is falling into pieces, the roads are crowded with holes and bumps and the economy is a disaster. Empty food markets, stores with ugly and old supplies and a huge black market swarming around every corner of the country as flies are the daily basis of Cuba’s society: a life in another planet.

A life in another planet where reality is over, propaganda replaced reality and ideology erased any trace of culture long time ago: that is planet Cuba.