Sunday, February 21, 2010

In thousand Pieces.

More than 3 million of Cubans are covering the most unexpected geography for an island of only 11 million and a half. Five generations of Cubans have been leaving our small island to the most unimaginable places in this world: from Australia to America. We are a nation who has been escaping its natural premises. And the causes are well-known elsewhere, but silenced inside our country.In thousand pieces

The most important characteristic in a Democracy is diversity: of opinions, creeds and sexual orientations. The most important characteristic in a tyranny is the abolition of that diversity. Instead, tyrannies install the cult to their leaders: an unlimited cult.

The establishment in Cuba of a totalitarian regime broke all the aspiration and dreams of the generation of Cubans awaken in 1959. Since then, all our democratic institutions that allow the diversity to grow were demolished: opposition parties, independent media, civic organizations, alternative spaces for citizens and civil rights activist organisms.

As result of 50 years of Castro’s tyranny, we have a country with 5 generations of Cubans who have grown unknowing the actual meaning of their rights as citizens and Cuba is leaving Cuba. Everywhere we are going, we are leaving behind memories, sufferings and dreams unfulfilled. But we are leaving behind also our country in Castro’s hands, leaving our fellows defenceless against his legacy of terror.

We are in thousand pieces and in Cuba a small civil society is struggling to face the same ruler and the same laws designed to crush their opinions. Meanwhile, none of us take a lead and help our civil society within Cuba. Instead, we are broken in thousands pieces and forgetting that, even when we are all diverse as a whole, we have a common purpose: rebuilt the Democracy Castro destroyed in 1959.

Cubans have to realize that the main goal has to be to destroy the system that broke our country and sank our economy. Out of that goal are our differences about ways, future government structures and political tendencies. But, most important, we have to take care of our future Cuba since now and actively.

Unfortunately, after 50 years of inexistence, the values naturally attached to a common citizen in a democracy have been vanished from our people. They escape and forget Cuba. It is behind and not realizing that even when they are far away from their natural premises, what is happening in Cuba is affecting them also.

We are all interconnected with our native nation. Its heartbeats are beating inside us and whatever happens there to any of our fellows is happening to one of us.

We are in thousand pieces. We need to bring together all and each of every of those little pieces and create our future to Cuba. Until we don’t understand that, we will be those little pieces scattered throughout the world.