Monday, February 22, 2010

Hidden Cuba.

Cuba as its government has two faces. The face for touristic website pictures, postcards and official media reports and the face for its citizens, a face many times ignored by tourists, Nobel Prize winners and ideological supporters. Hidden Cuba

Our people are not living in beautiful resorts surrounded by palm trees and sunny beaches. Our people are living in a city in ruins, with buildings shattered and their lives hammered with slogans that for so long are buried in a mountain of lies.

The few little food markets in Cuban pesos are empties, not even salt you can find in them. The monthly ration book that every Cuban is condemned to hold as his identity for his entire life has been stretched to the limit. The whole country is leaving.

Along Cuban roads tourists could watch huge boards praising Socialism, a revolution dead in 1959 and a leader to whom nobody cares anymore. In refrigerated minibuses or comfortable tourist cars, Castro’s favourite citizens are snapping pictures of our vintage Cuba.

An old Chevrolet from the fifties booming across Havana, blasting with its noise and smog the city makes a picturesque picture to their memories. Or maybe the colourful bicitaxi with a handmade ad on its top will be a piece of historic curiosity in Canada, Europe or even in Asia.

Tourists are bringing home everything they will abhor to see in their country. For them, smog is a masterpiece in shattered Cuba, but it is smog in civilized Europe and modern Canada. They are passersby and Cuba is that little country living in the other galaxy surrounded now by Venezuela and others.

More than 2 million tourists go through our little country and almost the majority of them ignore how Cubans are living, how they are surviving behind those broken buildings. Farther, behind the splendour some hotels in Havana and Varadero are hidden, another Cuba is dying and nobody is paying attention to its heartbeats.

Western media is fenced behind a few sterilized reports, western embassies are enclosed in pretty mansions and the official Cuba is bombing our country with its smoke curtain of lies through its media. Four parrots every day of their life are killing each other with lies on TV meanwhile the whole country is watching with astonishment how their lives have been stolen from their hands.

Crossing Havana Bay’s tunnel another country is hidden: more devastated, poorest and ill-fated. That part of Cuba is missed in every single international headline. It doesn’t exist to anybody. It is a hidden Cuba within it.

Meanwhile, a new batch of tourists and visitors will come to Cuba. A few more Nobel Prize winners will praise a brutal regime who has buried its society in a gag. And the caviar leftists will continue making their comfy trip to Havana to please their idol and return with urgency to their safe premises. They always go to Cuba to praise Socialism, but soon they come back to their hated Capitalism. How brave, how courageous!!!

In the next season of Castro’ show they will probably come back to take the same snap of the pretty face of our country and say Long Live... keeping behind the hidden Cuba.


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