Thursday, February 25, 2010

Double Face and Double Check.

News is flying worldwide: Raul Castro “regrets” Orlando Zapata’s death and the EU is also “regretting” his death. What a coincidence in words and statements. In the first case we all know Castro is being cynical and making smoke’s curtains with words and statements well-prepared behind closed doors.Double Face and Double Check

Not in vain we are hearing many western media quoting each other about the “unprecedented” gesture of Castro making such statement for first time. The key words here overall are the lasts: for first time. What a great and extraordinary gesture of a tyrant. It looks like a leniency of the regime and something noble and kindly when the truth is the contrary: a cynical and grotesque gesture.

But Castro didn’t stop there, he continued blasting the imperialism. Well, I guess that was predictable, wasn’t it? Really, where was the western media before Orlando Zapata died? What were those reporters and journalists send to their headquarters before his death?

I guess, maybe reporting mule’s census and something of the kind like the Washington Post did just two days before the Cuban human right activist died in his hunger strike. Western media was in a complete paralysed status in Havana: saying no words and paying with its silence the tribute to the tyrant.

Meanwhile in La Moncloa Zapatero is shedding a crocodile’s tear today:

“The EU deeply regrets the death of political prisoner Orlando Zapata, offering condolences to his family”

The statement was made by EU spokesman John Clancy, adding that human rights “remain a key priority for Europe”. Ok, Mr Clancy, where were the EU days and weeks before Orlando Zapata’s death? Where was the “key priority” in Orlando Zapata’s case in the Europe Union? I guess in Castro’s pockets.

We are missing here something more than declarations, pretty phrases and statements. Reina Maria, mother of Orlando Zapata, is not in need of any more condolences and statements by the EU: she lost his son under Castro’s regime. As Amnesty International said:

"The tragic death of Orlando Zapata Tamayo is a terrible illustration of the despair facing prisoners of conscience who see no hope of being freed from their unfair and prolonged incarceration.”

Many question left behind this case. There is one key component that disturbs me the most. Orlando was a modest, humble and a person of color. He was a typical Cuban: no highly educated but a decent and a brave man. He wasn’t a poet, an intellectual or an artist. He wasn’t white either.

Could have happened with a poet, an intellectual or an artist? Could have happened with a white highly educated man? Questions so disturbing that I just want to throw to the wind and never ask again.

We all are like Orlando. Cuba is like the man who died in hunger strike: modest, humble and persons of color. The majority of our inhabitants are the picture Reina Maria is mourning today. If the answer to those questions is NO: the EU, Presidents, Prime Ministers and western media would be settling an actual “unprecedented” gesture to the world.

An unprecedented gesture of Democracies under the boot of a bloody tyrant: what a disturbing picture!