Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cuba had lived all.

In 50 years Cuba had lived all: whimsical inventions in economy, endless speeches announcing the advent of the Socialist paradise, the tides of migration, and the tides of the return of the migration with the hated capitalism marvels in their pockets, promises unfulfilled and a sea of regretful journalists, former Castro’s officials and even high ranked militaries. Cuba had lived all.Cuba had live All

The amazing thing is that at the end there is nothing new to find: everything is a shattered territory. How many journalists who praised Castro’s regime today are living in America? Those same journalists filled pages and pages in Cuba’s newspapers to hammer dissidents, intellectuals, and people with the slightest difference of opinion with Sauron. Today are living the American dream in Miami, Madrid or Paris. Cuba had lived all.

High ranked party officials heading the propaganda machinery like Aldana, who for years administered with iron fist the censorship and the ideology in Cuba, today is writing books of poems to fill his dinner table with something to eat. And that was a man who crushes many lives and believes in Cuba and today is a victim of the same system who helped to support. Cuba had lived all.

Government ministers in all the sectors, economic, political and technological had passed through Cuba and disappeared with the blink of Castro’s eyes, They were the cruel hammer in their field yesterday, today nobody remember their names, their faces and their job. Victimizers yesterday turned into victims today. Cuba had lived all.

It is a cycle to no end while the tyrant is still in charge. Nobody understands that in a tyranny anybody is safe. Neither the victimizers nor the lackeys, the only safest person is Castro. I always said, in a totalitarian regime there three categories of citizens: victimizers, mute witnesses and victims.

The mute witnesses are those who look with suspicious indifference violations and abuses and leave the premises or never intercede to help the victims. In Cuba, it is almost the entire mass of Cubans that, unfortunate, left their rights in the hands of bandits who stole their will and their civil rights. That entire mass probably sympathise with the occasional victims, and sometimes complains but move back as soon some of the victimizer spit the word “counter-revolutionary”. It is a word with a stigma that everybody is frightening to get attached to them.

I always remember one of the most significant quotes of Mahatma Gandhi: “The cowards die many times before dying”. What a truth. Every time someone witnesses an abuse in Cuba is dying many times in front of that crime. They are also victims: of the fear of being that victim.

On the other hand, victimizers have their moment of glory serving proudly totalitarian leaders, and never realize that page could turn easily tomorrow at the whim of stroke. Today victimizers are the victims of tomorrow. Look at Cuba, the army of Robaina’s, Aldanas’s and many others who served time in prison or died in firing squad and served proudly to the tyrant are multiplying year to year and replacing “old army” felt in disgrace for the same hand.

Cuba had lived all.

Victims are everybody, even those victimizers that today are hammering here and there, calling mercenaries, enemies and traitors. In a tyrannical regime only the top leader reserve to him the safety, because it is the ruler, the one, the only allowed to dissent at what he did, or said yesterday.

So, look at you, and remember... Cuba had lived all.