Sunday, February 14, 2010

Cuba... but far away.

The reasons behind how leftist writers, intellectuals and politicians from western democracies behave toward Cuba are irreconcilables with their political positions toward other regimes worldwide. Through times, Nobel Prize winners like Saramago and Garcia Marquez had became advocate about the regime installed in Havana for no reasons other than their political sympathies toward leftist ideologies.Cuba but far away

But when it comes to live and settle themselves as human beings their ideology switch to the commodities of western societies. They like Cuba in their writings, books and journals, but far away from their daily lives.

To me that is just hypocrisy. You can’t surrender your thoughts. You can’t make a living pondering about an ideology you can’t embrace yourself in thoughts and facts. The other way around is just pure double standard, double moral, and it is completely reprehensible.

I just finish reading an article saying that, in America, 36% Americans have a positive image of Socialism, including 53% of Democrats and only just 17% of Republicans. I was just amazed.

This is my question: Do you want to surrender your civil rights and centralize everything to the government? Do you like your properties seized from you and your opinions tied? Do you like to surrender your will in a monolithic estate with one leader, one party, and one ideology?

When western Hollywood superstars, humanistic writers, and politicians express sympathy toward Castro, they are condemning 11 million of Cubans to live in slavery to the government who pay them nothing, imprison their opinions, and tie them with an inquisitional censorship. But those same glamorous superstars, Nobel Prize winners and politicians would condemn if that would have happen in Spain, or elsewhere.

There is no two ideologies: one for Cuba and other for the rest of the world. There is only one ideology who proved being completely wrong in Eastern Europe. But, here you are, they want Cuba but far away from their homes.

They come, interview our rulers, make their convenient declarations toward Castro’s regime and depart to their democratic countries, and probably in the next election will choose their candidate. But they back a system who condemn citizens to one ruler forever.

It is not possible a democracy in a Socialist society. Theoretical and practically that system is a dictatorship, and it is declare in that way from their forefathers to their buried leaders in Eastern Europe, to a few dwarf running around here in this part of the western hemisphere.

One last thing. When a system doesn’t work it is time to move on. You can claim any fantasies and numbers, but any system who doesn’t work it has to be change.

Today, after 50 years of pretended Socialism in Cuba, Cubans are living in a society with a total paralysis: nothing works, people don’t want to live there and the ideology some westerners are claiming with praise far away from it, it is in a total crisis.

It is time to say good bye to all. That it is what we are expecting from those who praise Cuba, but far away from their home.


Anonymous said...

You are a bit mixed up. Socialism does not entail authoritarian rule and giving up your civil liberties. Unfortunately, there have been too many socialist states ruled by dictators, but there are plenty of social democracies where some basic equality is achieved while still maintaining a democratic society.

Juan Martin Lorenzo said...

I don't know your name. Anyway. I think you confuse Social democracy with Socialism, which is completely a different story. What determine a system is the economic superestructure as Marx well defined in The Capital. Social democracy is just capitalism with some intervention of the state, that's all.