Saturday, February 27, 2010

Coffee and beers seal the deal.

Cuba has thrown a furious and despicable attack against Orlando Zapata Tamayo’s death. After almost a week building up a pre-fabricated and elaborated script against its victim, today Cuba wake up with the victim buried in manure. Old strategic in Castro’s regime, they don’t let the victim rest in peace: they need to destroy his image in their own eyes.Coffee and beers seal the deal

Official Cuban’s libels don’t stop to blame Zapata as a common offender they even go farther and declare the victim as an “expendable dead”. How could someone who calls to himself a “journalist” be so cynical and so despicable to call any human being “expendable”?

But that’s Cuba regime. For them, there is no limit to despise their citizen when that citizen stands by his determination to fight courageously the cynical tyrant. The old well-known strategic of Castro: blame the victim, blame his name, blame his history, blame...

A long list of hatred and lies are piling up Castro. Ironically, meanwhile his lackeys are shouting desperately to erase the crime, Cuba is kept fenced with a wall of silence about Zapata’s death. It is Castro’s ritual repeated in uncountable times: throwing lies from Cuba’s front door and locking its windows to crush any sign of protest.

Meanwhile, a group of parrots conceal the crime through a couple of beers and coffee well-planned days ago. I guess: a “professional” interchange of leniencies between the head of that Goebelian department and a regular mentor. The eye opener conversation has been registered in twitter:

@XXXXXXX You stay cool, coleague. I will pay your coffee and some beers and we will make a deal...

@XXXXXXX I pay coffee and beers, but the deal is you click in my blog, HaHaHa..... and you publish under your name some exclusives... Deal?

It is totally despicable the way Cuba media discharge Castro’s crimes against victims and relatives, family members and friends, colleagues in their common fight against the tyrant and people around the world who help create awareness about Zapata’s death.

Long time ago, international organism clarify the gloomy strategy of Cuba’s government: criminalize behind a common offense a political opinion and attitude toward the tyrannical government of Cuba by a common citizen. It has happened too many times and in too many ways.

Zapata was one of those citizens send to prison because he protested publicly against Castro, and was prosecuted under the terms of “disrespect to the authority”, which in Cuba is considered a common offense. The question is: disrespect against whom? Against Castro: that’s his capital crime. For that, he was punished to die and now they are burying under a mountain of despise and cynicism.

It is very important to remark what Amnesty International said about Cuba and its “dangerousness” law many times quoted nowadays by Cubans lackeys and repeaters:

Under Cuba's "dangerousness" law, authorities can imprison people who have not committed a crime on the suspicion that they might commit one in the future. "Dangerous" activities include handing out copies of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, writing articles critical of the government and trying to start an independent union.

For those reasons there are dissidents in jail today in Cuba. But meanwhile, a group of despicable lackeys are sharing coffees and beers, digging their own grave in the name of Castro. Cuba has hoge too far and too deep in its abysm of shame.