Saturday, February 20, 2010

As Fishes.

Cuba civil society was destroyed and dismantled when Castro took over power in 1959. It was his strategic plan to stay in his throne forever. Political leaders of opposition, civil rights activists and citizens with opinions were vanished from the island in summary trials: some send to prison, some kills under fire squads and some had to flee the country to save their life.As Fishes

Instead of civic institutions, Castro established mechanisms of vigilance and create a total state of suspicions against citizens. His first instrument was the organization of the State Security Department (SSD) commanded by the today well-known Henchman in Chief Ramiro Valdez. Valdez made of that organism the well oiled machinery of killing, but ultimately was Castro ideas well designed and implemented.

Cuba’s government installed a society where every citizen is himself a vigilant and a henchman. Organizations like CDR (Committee for the Defence of the Revolution), the state controlled trade unions, the Communist Party and its parallel institution to the youth UJC, and well-known web of volunteers used as informers are the central pieces of today’s Castro scheme in our country.

For long years, many of those informers knew a phone number belonged to the security forces to inform any sort of suspicious activity, any “illegal” activity under the eyes of Castro and well-known diplomatic cars. That number belonged to one institution named Rio, and is still settle in one blue little house two blocks further across Almendares Rives and well-known in the informers argot as “Rio”.

Castro installed a fish tank in a place of the civil society, and transformed our citizens in mute fishes, simple mute spectators of his mishandlings. Cuba became only and audience with a mute button in Castro’s hands.

Since then, Cubans are leaving their country, escaping their fates rather than restore the civility Castro ripped off. 3 million Cubans are living abroad, and still here in our democratic societies they kept their mouth shut forgetting their fellows in Cuba, never giving a hand to rebuilt Cuba’s civil forces.

If those 3 million Cubans spread out worldwide will take a minute to speak actively to their fellows everywhere, and become citizens of this world rather than mute fishes in a free world, we could count with more than the few human rights activist who are almost crushed in Cuba’s prison.

Today, one of them is dying in a hunger strike under the eyes of the world and still just a few Cubans are claiming for his life. With astonishment we can read headlines dedicated to mules in prestigious newspapers like The Washington Post and not one line about Orlando Zapata Tamayo, dying in Cuba for claiming his actual status as political prisoner.

It is a shame on the face of this XXI Century. It is a shame to Cuba and to every Cuban who is not standing up against that abuse.

But Cuba was transformed in a fish tank and our citizens are used to behave like fishes. What a pity!!!