Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tremors on Internet.

Over the past few days Cuba has launched a sustained attack against the most iconic blogger in Cuba’s blogosphere: Yoani Sanchez. Without any doubt, it is the result of its irritation, fears and incapacity to silence a voice they don’t know how to crush, and how to fight. Over and over and far from achieve their intentions, the voice of Yoani is the voice of the new Cuba emerging from the dust, little by little. It is the standoff of a society tired of being silenced and in an endless escape from their natural premises.Tremors in Internet

Against the phenomenon represented by the iconic blogger Cuban authorities don’t have any easy cure. The independent bloggers are expressing their inner voices, their opinions in an easy and relaxed style, without the well-known slogans and without the stiffness any official ideology show. Beside, Cuba’s government responds to Yoani headache too late, when the blogger where all over the places, with renowned awards and mentions in every single international media. Today, Yoani is a brand and it is unstoppable in her own way.

But here is where the danger comes. The most prominent and visible a dissident voice becomes, the closest it is to be silenced by the ultimate resource: imprisonment. Today, the authorities are harassing her surroundings. Last Friday, the professor of photography in her Blogger Academy. Tomorrow could be her husband who publishes another blog.

Cuba has tried every single move against bloggers, but the authorities don’t have too many resources, and today they are launching probably their last attack, this time through a social network who has proved how effective was in the case of the Cuban independent bloggers: twitter.

On and on, the only tools they had exhibited is to discredit their names, but never answer the questions Cuban bloggers are raising constantly. It is a game with dividends in the past, but fruitless with the new technology. In the other hand, times erode any old tool Cuba employed with dissidents. They had been left alone and today the network is trembling with impatient nervousness on their side.

The Estate Department Security is fencing day after day more the circle around Yoani and other bloggers. They follow her wherever she goes, try to capture every move she does, and with despair follow her trail to any single place she head.

It is outstandingly amazing how a government, a whole nation is at stake for the simple opinion of one of its citizens, but one opinion expressed without fear and naked in its honesty. It talks a lot about the fragility of a society based in immobilism, intolerance and fear.

Cuba and Human Rights activists have the task to preserve the space of opinion opens by the independent bloggers. They are the open door to our future Democracy. They are the real tools to switch the system and throw away the servants of the Estate of Fears in which Cuba became after 1959.

Today, tremors are traveling around internet. They are noticing the light at the end of the tunnel and they fear with helplessness the final stages of the decease that has been this Cuban Involution. In vain, the final will come... sooner or later.