Monday, January 18, 2010

An Old Pair of Shoes…

Whereas war is thundering in Afghanistan and Irak deceives with days of calm on the news, a natural disaster had came to pile up on top of all the miseries and misfortunes of Haitians. The earthquake in Haiti came over the world and took over news and international efforts to help the victims and cure the wounds in that shattered nation.An old pair of shoes

A natural calamity like an earthquake doesn’t have any political color. It does affect poor and riches, men of any race and religion, politics and preferences. But disasters bring colors to political behaviours, especially in nations whose policy over the years had used them as a platform to obtain political dividends.

When in the White House Obama reaches Bill Clinton and Bush in a non unusual sign of collaboration between former presidents, no matter what party they represented, Cuba is playing the same game too many times repeated in 50 years of Castro: sending his civilian troops to help others meanwhile his own people is dying in mental hospitals.

It is sad to admit it, but for all those magnificence gestures Cuba had obtained prominence and a huge army of followers that, later on, become the front runners against the justice of our civil society is claiming in and outside our country. And the problem here it is not the helping hand, it is not the group of people who go to those places and work with abnegation day and night. The problem here is the double standards our politicians are using when they are designing those missions.

More than 1500 doctors are in Venezuela or sort of, the Cuba’s government sometimes brings the amount sometimes is quietly discrete, for obvious reasons. Meanwhile, our hospitals are lacking doctors, nurses and professionals to help our own inhabitants. Nobody knows how many family doctor’s offices are empties or waiting from its doctor working out there, anywhere, because it is not only in Venezuela.

This is not the first time Castro had used them to bring down political walls. Could anybody remember the earthquake in Peru in the 70’s? At that moment Cuba didn’t have any formal relation with that country. But Cuban doctors were packaged and send there: they were the revolutionary offensive to open the diplomatic doors to Castro. The same Castro who received years later children from Chernobyl, when the Soviet Union was through Perestroika and its openings. They were components in a political game in which Castro had been a shrewd and crafty genius, I would say.

But don’t forget, this is the same Castro who send weapons and supplies to every single guerrilla in America. The same Castro who traveled through every single country who had supported terrorism against the western democracies. The same Castro who had been playing with the role of the generous parent to any extremist group worldwide, and received and gave protection to any American on the loose of US justice. The same Castro who claimed to the Soviet Union during the missile crisis to shut nuclear weapons over US territory. The same Castro who send troops to Angola and kept them there for more than 10 years to leave that country in the hands of one of the most corrupted politicians in Africa.

And this is the guy who financed any single crazy adventure at the cost of break in pieces any single brick of our economy and our infrastructure. It doesn’t matter if our Hospitals are crowded with people and a few doctors are working insane long journeys with a wretched salary. It doesn’t matter that our sugar cane industry is destroyed and dismantled if those same factories could be installed in Venezuela. It doesn’t matter the human and financial cost of anything when it comes to give praise to his name and his political reckoning.

In every sector of our economy you can see the trace of destruction of his rumble over it. That’s why it is not rare to find in any lost corner of this world people who knows first who is Fidel Castro before they know exactly where Cuba is located.

I am not saying we cannot help anybody, what I am saying is any help need a well structured plan without affect the daily rhythm of our country. You can’t give away the only pair of shoes you have to play the game. You can’t bring down your house to build your neighbour’s. You can’t sell your bed to sleep over the floor. And that is what Fidel Castro had been doing over the last 51 years.

On top of that, we have to observe with sadness how all those political manoeuvres had been done with hypocrisy, immorality and deceit. Today in Haiti, the regime is playing its last card in this business. It is not shy when someone forgets to mention the Cuban presence in the slammed country and start to claim words of praise here and there.

If the action was done sincere and honestly, you are not expecting any praise or honour of it. It is coming from your heart, not from your shrewder mind. But it is that what you have to expect in regimes like the one installed in Havana.

Meanwhile Castro is throwing the last pair of shoes in that game, we wake up a few days ago with the bitter and astonishing news that 26 patients died by hypothermia and hunger in one of our most famous mental institutions in Havana.

Where was the helping hand there? Where were the doctors, nurses and paramedics? Where was the solidarity with our own citizens?

All of them went behind an old pair of shoes...


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