Friday, January 29, 2010

Cuba is Different.

Recently, when I was sailing through that amazing social network that it is twitter, I stumbled with an expression that captured immediately all my attention. Someone said, in one of its twits: Cuba is Different.Cuba is Different

I have to agree with the fellow. Cuba is so different you have no idea. For instance, Cuba’s authorities care about here and there, from Haiti to Venezuela, from Angola to Singapore, from Bolivia to US. The only place that Cuba’s government doesn't care is about Cuba. Castro’s officials send doctors, nurses and medicines to Haiti and Venezuela, and empty out our Health Care institutions of all of them. Who cares then that 40 mental patients died in Havana Psychiatric Hospital? Those little people are just insane.

Cuba is Different. We have a leader who in his weekly column in some obscure official newspaper, the one and only published in Cuba, talks about the US troops in Haiti, or the abuse of prisoners in Afghanistan, the Venezuelan Revolution and the contamination produced by the western democracies worldwide. He never talk about the Cuban repressive troops who jolted and pushed a small group of defenceless women claiming with only a flower in their hands the freedom of their dear relatives, all of them in prison for their opinions.

He never talks about the well-known documented abuses our prisons against those political prisoners reported by Human Rights Watch either. And, of course, he talks about Chavez’s Venezuela because, for obvious reasons, there is nothing to talk about Cuban Revolution, that one is completely lost in the past, what left are only leftovers to the lackeys.

The last discovering are contamination and environmental causes, of course, elsewhere. For other obvious reasons he forgot he tried to dry the Zapata swamp in the sixties, and threw ripraps across the sea to join Cuba’s keys to inland to build hotels and resorts, not for our own inhabitants, but his favourites citizens: foreign tourists. Of course, the roads over the sea disturbed and destroyed our marine fauna in those places, but who cares? This is Cuba not Haiti or Venezuela.

Cuba is Different. Oh, yeah! We need permission to travel abroad from our government. We need permission from our government to visit our family members and relatives in our own country. And, of course, we do have to pay every single detailed document to our dear authorities. And don’t count that if one of our family members are visiting us abroad, we have to pay every month of his stay in our resident country. You can add a few more lines: we need to be quite, never complain and never ever say a word against Castro. If so, you lost your key to open the door to Cuba.

Cuba is Different. All the Cubans think with only one brain, one thought and only one believe. Dissidents are not citizens of Cuba, they are CIA agents. Opinions different to the official Cuba is a capital crime punished in our Criminal Code. And every single disaster, natural, artificial or humankind had been caused by the embargo. Probably, hurricanes are being plotted today in the Pentagon to send to Cuba.

We are so different that probably we are orbiting outside this world. We are no more in Planet Earth. In fact, we had been a satellite of somebody: Soviet Union, China, lately Venezuela. We are always looking for someone to whom later we could blame our problems and never pay our debts.

Cuba is Different. We have Heath Care free, Education free and paradise on earth, but our people is flying away to the monster our newspapers and TV is blaming about our disasters: US. How bad is that place that everybody wants to know?

Ah, my friend, Cuba is so Different. We don’t produce one kilo of potatoes, one ounce of meat and one litre of milk, but we are marching every May 1st through Plaza of the Revolution, sort of. Our children are so happy when they lose their milk at the age of seven that they are ecstatic. They arrive at school and swear our national flag with a dollar in their pockets to buy something in their break time. The dollar doesn’t have our patriots on the bill, but who cares?

Cuba is so Different. We have double everything: double currency, double president, double Cuba. We earn our salary in the currency that we cannot buy anything, but we are content. We have a president in Cuba and the real thing in Venezuela, but we are CastroChavistas, so everybody is please. And we have a double Cuba: one for our diminished native citizens, and the paradisiacal one for our favourite inhabitants: foreigners.

Cuba is Different. We are not in the same line of the world: we are out, left alone with a mutated ideology who nobody knows what it is and what its meanings are. We are not Communists anymore, actually we never were communists, but we are not Socialists either. In fact, this is only what it is: a tyranny.

Cuba is Different... for the worst.


Anonymous said...

Yes Juan, I agree with you. I just pray everyday that things will change for the people of Cuba.

I don't know what the solution would be, but I hope it comes soon!