Saturday, January 16, 2010

Castro’s Network of Fears

When temperatures are dropping to historic records in Cuba, it looks our government is pouring with more bad news to fall even more the levels of information to our society. According to one of the Cuban newspapers in Havana, Cuba had created its own Operating System to substitute the nationwide Microsoft Windows which had dominated the extensive network of computers in the island.Castro's Network of Fears

Named “NOVA”, the software had been created using the open software LINUX and it had been designed to satisfy the levels of “security and protection” addressed by Raul Castro’s government. This idea was discussed almost one year ago, at the end of 2008, in a meeting between Ramiro Valdes and many of the most important institutions supporting those windows networks in Havana.

We can hint without any guessing that this is the personal labour of one of the strongest hardliners in the Cuban Revolution history: Ramiro Valdes. It is also unquestionable that his rise in the Council of Estate is showing that Cuba is stepping up the walls against internet, at least, against the non-convenient internet.

According to Alain Guerrero, Dean of the University of Informatics Sciences:

“We don’t have any other form to protect ourselves unless through this software, which allow us to be independent”.

What this senior member of the University didn’t say was that that software would allow to control strictly any access to internet, I mean the internet that is not Cuba friendly. It is obvious that what the regime is doing if lifting the walls at the highest levels possible to isolate Cuba from the outside world. As I said in any other post, everything is looking more like we are living more in an extraterrestrial orbit rather in planet Earth.

What is the fear behind? Further than make Cuba more accessible and independent, what it is and it had been for a long time, is make Cuba more enclosed in iron curtains, in order to silence and sweep away any rebellious voice. This is a government working against information rather than spread out the vital information.

The ultimate consequence and objective of this lift of all the walls is, putting it in a metaphoric way, the lunatic obsession to persecute daisies nationwide. Isolating Cuba, filtering all the inconvenient information through its systems, cutting all the ways possible to bring out the real Cuba by our incipient civil society, all those components create the perfect conditions to destroy them, one by one.

That iron curtain won’t allow mirroring back what our dissidents and bloggers is telling to the world, but at the same time would allow the government to take measures at large against them, as it did in 2003 with independent journalists, intellectuals and political opponents. It is a story so well-known and well trained in Castro’s hands.

NOVA pretends to be an inner network inside Cuba, and could be the first step to make accessible internet to the public, just the access to that local filtered network and we will be watching in the future, when all this snow ball begins to roll, how our well-known internet “trollers” (as we call the well-known internet advocates of Castro in any blog and website) begin to unwrap the enchanted chorus on “free internet access in Cuba”.

In Cuba today we are unveiling a second China, with wall and emperors dominating in power and in voice to all of us, and isolating the country forever. We have to run the voice, we have to expect more hard times for our voices of dissention.

Today, Castro is deploying all his forces against the few bloggers within Cuba, but he knows that this is a matter of time, and in the future there will be more than a few and this is the first step in a ladder of no return. What he is mounting all over Cuba is a network of fears, and his squire in charge is Ramiro Valdes. We are watching Castro, but this is just a matter of time... against you.