Tuesday, January 5, 2010

About Nostradamus, the African King and other little Plagues

“This is the month for evils so many as to be doubled, About Nostradamus, the African King and other little Plagues
Deaths, plague to drain all, famine, to quarrel:
Those of the reverse of exile will come to note,
Great Ones, secrets, deaths, not to censure.”

Nostradamus: Almanacs 1564-1576.

Premonitions of Afro-Cuban priests, lunar riddles in twitters and blogs, proclaimed predictions in renowned magazines, puzzled words in sacred assemblies and ghostly warnings in newspapers and TV stations marked the end of 2010 in Cuba. As Nostradamus predicted in some of his verses 500 years ago, Cuba is circled today with prophets, African priests and imperial soldiers. There is not a single absence of any oracle and charm in the procession.

To make things worse, side by side two chorus of priests unveiled two parallel worlds within one dying country: pro-government African priests predicted a year plenty in successful business, if they are legal; no-establishment priests predicted an unrested country, with deaths and social convulsions. I wonder how a simple goddess could deliver such contradictory predictions.

The key could be in how the pro-government priests got the attention of official sponsored websites, media and pro-establishment journalists. By sure, those premonitions are well rehearsed and in line with the Castro’s royalty, and make it almost impossible to believe. In the other hand, the economic face of Cuba slaps on the face of those priests.

The economy is almost in an endless estate of collapse. Year after year, the tourist industry is growing at the cost of higher concessions to the market. Cuba doesn’t have any national infrastructure to support it. The country has to import 70% of its supplies and, with them, the revenues are falling like the London bridge. With the nickel prices dropped, the sugar cane industry annihilated, blackouts everywhere, the monthly ration book almost vanished and the increased repression against the civil society, there is no hope for the side of the government to praise its loyal priests in the African kingdom.

On the other hand, in the non-establishment land, the words are too dramatic, too grandiloquent, and too obvious. The closest to an unrested Cuba was in August 5th 1994 and the current authorities survived. We are in the same level of crisis than then, but with a more open country to fly away from our national disasters. Thousands of Cubans are leaving over yearly basis, something that was the key factor in the summer of 1994.

Today, Spain is processing 250 thousands of Spanish-to-be citizens under the Law of Historical Memory: another bridge opened to Cuba. If you add 20 thousands crossing the Florida straits every year, hundreds of Cubans leaving to Canada and others western countries, plus those luckiest who, over shattered rafters, achieve to touch American soil, you have to admit that the social conditions to bring down the current government, even when theoretically are there at the reach of your fingers, those components preferred get the lottery ticket to jump to another country rather than change our own system.

Plagues and prophecies proved their flaws with Cuba in the past. 2008 was witness of 3 mayor hurricanes who devastated our country. Dengue and others more mortal diseases had slammed Cuba without any damaged to the system. It is not that Cuba is immune to social unrest. It is just our people gave up its faith and hope, and prefer to escape and succeed in other premises.

It is part an act of cowardice, it is part an act of survival, it is part an act of hypocrisy and double moral. Part of the survival mechanism of the system is the franchised fear of people about his surroundings. Everybody says what it is suppose to have to say in the proper moment they have to say it. It is almost a riddle that every Communist system installed in the past.

Aleksandr Solzhelnitsyn in his clever and extraordinary book “The GULAG Archipelago” wrote: “Universal innocence also gave rise to the universal failure to act”. It is our Cuban foolish nature of thinking that what it is happening to one of our citizens it is not going to happen to any of us. Probably, it will happen.

I always hope a better future to me, to my family, to my friends and people who I know, to my people in Cuba, to my homeland. I always do. But prophecies and premonitions of worldwide magazines like Newsweek, predicting leader deaths and catastrophes are far away of my solid grounded believes. Many of them are too compromise with marketing and political interests. They aren’t grounded in facts and realities, instead they reply to money, propaganda and dirty business.

December is a month of evils as Nostradamus predicted, at least he worked with accuracy in that premonition. African priests playing with African kings, magazines playing a role of divine oracles, plagues of lackeys spreading lucky numbers, and hopeless people dreaming with lunar predictions are only that: oracles, plagues and nothing more.

We need to come back to reality and find something more and leave alone prophets, planets and new moons.


PolO said...

Actually the date is 8/5/94

Juan Martin Lorenzo said...

Thanks, Polo. It was a mistake. I will fix it.