Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Yoani’s headache

There are winds of repression in Cuba; this time is against the bloggers, with special incidence in Yoani Sanchez. It began with an attack to the well-known blogger when she was in her way to a public demonstration against the violence in Havana. Yoani was boarded by a group of security agents who tried to get her into a car. She was beaten, kidnapped and send away from the surroundings of the place to where she was going.Yoani's headache

That was the preface of the story to be written two weeks later against her husband, another blogger who asked to those agents who assaulted her to discuss openly in a public space. Instead of the agents, the government mounted a mob to repress the blogger: the well-known old system of the 80’s.

Now, we are assisting to the next level of the hysteria. This time is in the newspapers, and especially, in some websites openly supported by the government. Of course, those websites don’t have any impact in the Cuban people. They are only a facade to the world, the well make up face of the Castro regime. And at the end, there is no internet to the scope of the Cuban citizens.

What it is making them blue it the fact that a simple citizen has an own opinion and got the nerve to publish it openly. It hurts them also that the old well-known tactics are not working now. The big shows of the 80’s with people throwing stones and shouting are history. Today, the system has to appeal to the brigades organized by them with the cover up of “Cuban people”.

Those brigades assaulted Reinaldo (Yoani’ spouse). Now, the brigade of apostles of the Cuban Revolution are shouting everywhere in every corner of the web at the same time, with the same melody: Yoani is a mercenary of the imperialism.

My question is: who is the mercenary here: the one who has an opinion and say it with no restrain and fear, or the ones who are chanting the same tune?

Another question: if the Revolution is so strong, invincible and eternal, why are they so afraid about one opinion expressed by one citizen?

Last question: instead of screams and violence, why didn’t they discuss with the blogger?

On the other hand, the discredit of enemies had reached and end road: it has been used too many times and Cuba is tired of them, or just ignored them. That is why they don’t appeal to the public there, there are appealing outside Cuba where the opinions are growing in favour not precisely of Castro.

The world of violence, terrorism and “revolution” of the 50’s and 60’s is gone for good. We are living in a civilized world with no space for violence, intolerance and repression. That is the only language known by the Cuban Revolution.

They are buried in the 60’s. Their world is just over. Today, with internet linking every single citizen in the world, the totalitarian truths spoken beautifully by totalitarian leaders are falling into pieces. What left, it is the revenge of the common citizen seated in his own chair from the comfort of his home: the blog.

Cuba is holding his last battle, but it is already over. They could silence one voice, but there are more voices. And that is the real reason why the government of Cuba blocks any site oppose to their idyllic paint of today’s Cuba. They imprisoned internet, but they can’t imprison people’s opinion: that will always pursue its freedom and it will win.