Sunday, December 20, 2009

Questions behind the Embargo

Since I was a child I remember listening people to talk about the Embargo, they called it “Blockade”. It was the Blockade who killed Christmas in 1969 at the eve of the 10 million sugar cane’s Harvest. It was the blockade who ripped off “The Three Wise Men Day”. It was the blockade who diminished every single item in our monthly ration book. It was the blockade the cause of every single bad news in our TV.Questions behind the Embargo

Then, as time was going by, I grew up and went to high school, University, and I started to think twice before to judge that something has the Embargo involved. I have to say, I was a little sceptical but reluctant to let the Embargo goes as a source of all our misfortunes.

Could I say that every single Cuban get stunned when they arrive to a new country? Yes, I could. In Havana, 1999, I was completely reluctant to admit that our failure was the result of the Embargo, I can’t be shy to say now I already passed that.

By sure, I have questions to ask to the Cuban-American politicians anchored in Miami, but these are not for them. Today, I would like to ask questions to our new royalty seated in Havana.

Let me put some numbers and facts, first.

1992 - USA exempted medicines and Health Care supplies from the Embargo.

2000 – USA lifted the ban on agriculture exports.

2008 – USA was the biggest supplier of food: $710 million.

I saw by myself American chicken packages sold in CUC’ stores in Havana and many others items. For too many leftist worldwide, Cuba represents Heaven and they are blaming the Embargo about everything. I would like to ask them:

Is our soil under the Embargo?

How much land is covered with sickle bush (Marabu in Spanish)? Are those under the Embargo by the USA?

There is a move worldwide today to produce organic food, with no chemicals, fertilisers and pesticides. So, why Cuba is unable to produce those produces?

Recently, Obama Administration allowed cable supplier’s companies to have deal with Cuba’s authorities to link with optical cable American and Cuban soil. Cuba refused it alleging security issues (I was expecting that), but they are making a deal with Venezuela and the cost is higher: $70 million to Venezuela against $18 million with USA.

Where is the Embargo here?

Recently, Havana admitted a shortfall of 60% in Cuba’s annual construction goal. They were unable to provide reasons for that, but Hotel’s industry is flourishing all along the island.

Is there Embargo to build Cuban’s houses and no Embargo at all to lift a flamboyant Hotel in any single new resort?

Along my entire life I heard so many promises made by Fidel Castro. Actually. I could write a book about promises unfulfilled. Behind every one the Embargo takes a lead to justify the disaster.

1970: the sugar cane harvest without 10 million promised.

“Anillo de La Habana” (Havana’s Ring). After the embarrassing of the 1970, there was that lunatic idea to create coffee’s fields around Havana. Pure Bananas, folks!!!!

I am quoting earliest disasters. Are you remembering the social workers? Me either.

For all those disasters there weren’t any Embargo. How about our “War of Ideas” after Elian’ saga with little flags and every single Saturday broadcasting a crowd bored to death with the same slogans about “The Five Heroes”?

There was any Embargo, wasn’t there?

Our land remains infertile, our cattle industry is inexistent, even our first industry almost disappears: the sugar cane industry.

All our dreams back in 1959 are gone and some are still speaking about the Embargo. Could you move on, please?