Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Plucking daisies over the stream...

The current year is passing by and with one day to go, we will be in 2010 and a new year will bring new goals and new inspirations to try new ideas. The end of the year is the perfect moment to look back and reflect. How was our last journey to here? How many friends do we get and lose? What will we expect of the future?Plucking daisies over the stream

A year is gone and Cuba looks even more like that isolated planet gravitating around in its own lost orbit. Almost three years later Castro vanished from the public eye, and three years later of speculations and dreams, today we are facing the reality Cuba will be more like the citadel announced by Castro during the latest 80s, when he rumbled loudly about Numantia. The only thing is, we are not besieged.

Three years passed and the dreamed reforms are smoke signals vanishing with the early first blow of air. I still remember how the snow ball was rolling here and there. Everywhere you go, in any newspaper or radio station or TV channel, the news was hitting your gut: the reforms are coming! Sadly for everyone, but not surprisingly for me, the fact was made with a statement in National Assembly as a Christmas message: no reforms, same of the old philosophy. And to sweep any trace of doubt, a new-old Vice-President was elected to the Council of State: Ramiro Valdes, a signal for the times to come.

So, the question today, one day before the end of the year is: where are we? To where will we go from here? What do we have to expect of the “new” old Cuba?

I do not expect anything. The few grains of salt our government gave up in the two last years are concessions to blow a ghost through the world, the ghost of the reform, and to catch some time facing the unexpected in US: the election of the first African-American president with a charming smile, and a charisma never seeing before.

More important, with Fidel Castro out of the equation, Cuba was missing a leader with, at least, a charisma at the same level of Obama’s. Neither charisma nor personality, Raul Castro is a bleach silhouette in front of his brother’ shadow. The only missed here is the long speeches we have to suffer from the big brother.

In National Assembly, the little brother threw a cryptic speech about the expectative of some well-intentioned people about reforms and changes, to add immediately that those reforms will never arrive.

I wrote previously in another post: “After Castro, another Castro took over and we are living a second hand of the same tyranny with different first name”. Here we are, after Christmas with the same message.

So, after almost three years of speculations and false expectations, we are at the beginning of our circle of life, in the same point in which we were yesterday, plucking our daisies over our stream of wishes and dreams, waiting for someone who never had the will to change our history.

It is not his brother’ shadow what is holding his hands to move our country forward. It is not the so-called blockade, the US voracity, the menaces of an invasion from US or anywhere else. It is not the CIA, the Cuban-Mafia in Miami, or some obscure plan against Cuba. What is freezing Raul Castro’s hands is himself. And let’s face it. He is doing what is supposed to do: staying still in time.

Any other expectative could be catalogued as a dream made come true for people who only need a headline in a newspaper. We don’t know where we are going because our government never knew, past and present, where to go. Our leaders were always unpredictable. They caught any lost hint here and there and flew. Yesterday was Russia, today is Venezuela, tomorrow anyone else.

We are like that poor little guy with a broken heart at the top of the bridge over the river, plucking daisies in hope of everlasting love and at the brink of a suicide: she love me, she love me not...


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