Friday, December 4, 2009

A letter to Santa

Dear Santa, I wish you will be open to hear to every one of us no matter what is our age and luck. For more than 30 years I hadn’t wrote any letter to you, I guess as we grow up we forget to speak from our heart and become less forgiving. Anyhow I found my way to you, but if you only listen to little children, I would like to say that I am writing in the name of the child whom this grown-up once was.a letter to santa

I have an excuse for that, a daring excuse: I am far away from my love ones. I miss my friends, my family, the hustle and bustle of my hometown, Havana. For so long my people has been living stranded without our common ties with the world. Our leaders had became arrogant and mind blinded, they don’t want to listen the beat of their people’s hearts.

I have another excuse: this grown-up can understand everything, from children dreams to adults’ tears. I just want to ask you a little favour: don’t let us down as our government did for so long.

We need someone to talk about our lost dreams. We have so little to share with each other. Our houses are crowded and crumbling down. Our money never is enough to feed our family in one week. Our offspring’s are leaving in a non returning journey and we are closing our doors to them. We have no future.

If all these excuses are not enough, then I want to write to you the letter that I couldn’t write in my first years in Cuba, when I couldn’t have my Christmas. I have no hopes in the land of our leaders, we are drowned in silence and pain, and the wishes could be interpreted as a blasphemy or even a heresy against our political system.

We don’t have land to go. The seeds of our soil are dry and dead, and we don’t have anything to harvest rather than the dread silence of our soul. We lost fathers, brothers and sisters in their long journey to their freedom, and our forefathers are grieving the lost of our dreams in the hands of a tyrant who only appreciate the sweet words of the flatterers.

We are in need of a helping hand to let us reach an understanding. For 50 years we have been alone, our friends have been the wrong ones, our policies have been the one who divided our nation, our family and our children. We left our natural surroundings and history. For too many years we lift walls to isolate our people, we need to break those walls, and we need you to give us the strength and the hope we already had lost.

Finally, Santa, we need a word of peace. We went through guerrillas, adventures in Bolivia and Africa, nuclear weapons on our soil, militia and paramilitary groups to repress dissidence and opinions, we went through everything and today we are nothing: a single strand of grass flying in a sea of despair.

We hope, dear Santa, we still hope you will listen. After all, we were the children who never reached out to you.