Friday, December 25, 2009

Ladies in White: Christmas letter to Raul

two faces

To: Raul Castro, President of the Republic of Cuba and Counsel of Ministers.

      Minister of Interior.

From: Wives and relatives of the 75 political prisoners.

Mr President:

It is the first time we address to you, and it doesn’t have to be strange after the event happened to us the last December 9 and 10th of the current year, 2009.

In Christmas Eve, day of the Sacred Family, we want to remember you how Lina Ruz, your dear mother, joined with your sisters, relatives and friends of the political prisoners who attacked the Moncada headquarter went out to the streets requesting your amnesty.

The former President Fulgencio Batista considered one of the bloodiest dictators our homeland had suffered listened to the claims made for them and the Catholic Church.

We went out to the street with the same grief and love, because those feelings don’t have any political colour, and like those women we hadn’t been paid by anybody. Our pacific actions are moved by our requests of freedom for our political prisoners.

Those events organized by the Cuban government, under the supervision and coordination of the Estate Security Department (DSE), in conjunction with the Youth Communist League (UJC), the Communist Party and paramilitary troops concealed as “the people of Cuba” are intolerable. To those women, in such difficult times, Batista didn’t mistreat. In the currents days, the wives and relatives of the “5 Heroes” (Cuban Five) either, then Why is this happen to us?

As I did in the letter sent to your brother (Dr. Fidel Castro Ruz) in March 2005, I want to repeat to you, faced with the possibility of others acts of that nature, that we are forced to claim responsibility to Cuba Estate headquarters and its organizations for anything that could happen against our physical integrity. We do not rule out that our blood would be spill fighting peacefully for the freedom of the political prisoners.

Mr President, we formally request to you the proper tolerance to practice the same rights enjoyed in their moment by the relatives of the prisoners, who claimed their freedom from Batista’s prisons.

We consider our activities within the current constitutional framework. Just take into account our actions are pacific and within objectives perfectly clear: Put an end an unjust and weak moral an ethical act.


Ladies in White