Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Lack of arguments

The International Day of Human Rights in Cuba took place as a journey of repression against a small group of pacific women armed with flowers and dressed in white. The ladies in White stormed Havana pacifically, but the intolerance of the government couldn’t allow 48 pacific protesters to claim for their relatives in prison.Lack of arguments

As a pack of hounds, the mob mobilized and perfectly rehearsed by Security Agents threw their fury against women lifting their fist with only a flower as a weapon. Between insults and blasphemies, the army of agents surrounded and jostled them through ramshackle Havana.

That was the way the regime of Havana showed to the world how should be prescribe democracy in the island. The formula is the best premiere for the new Cuban political film: Raul Castro in charge.

To be honest, it is not that the Castro brothers only know that method to silence their opponents. At least, it is not completely in that way. I must say, the lack of arguments is the answer.

It was lack of arguments what made the mob to attack to Reinaldo Escobar, and it was the lack of arguments what made a pack of hounds howl to the Ladies in White in December 10th, in Havana.

Nowadays, that lack of arguments is channelling through the officials Cuban websites to discredit the most important figure in the Cuban blogosphere, Yoani Sanchez. The intention is well-known and is an old weapon in the hands of the Castro’s. They attack the figure, but they can’t answer any of the questions that our blogosphere is throwing to their faces.

The lack of actual arguments makes them desperate to discredit names and brands, but at the same time, create a snow ball that at the end would be their own grave. Usually, they try to ignore the resonance of names and dissidents in the western media. And they succeed as far they don’t cross the border of the public recognition in Cuba.

December 10th marked one important step in Cuba history: the government freed their pack of hounds against a few defenceless women requesting justice. For the first time people saw it. I mean, really saw it. The mob crossed almost the core of Havana. I even saw my old house through the images I capture on internet. And that, my friends, it is a huge mistake on their count (could I say a regressive count?).

Today, we can recollect here and there a few drops of poison in their websites. That is meaningless. What it is important and really relevant is that they already have acknowledged their own weakness. They don’t have any other weapon to surrender the opposition rather than the bravado attitude and repression.

The clock is ticking in their pockets, and it is going to be forever.