Friday, December 25, 2009

Home is where the Heart is

For so many years the Cuban family has been affected and divided by artificial barriers. More than three generations of Cubans are living abroad, spread out around the world, in the most unexpected places: from Chile to Alaska; from Australia to Israel.Home is where the heart is

When I said goodbye to my classmates in 1992, we were a bunch of friends who were sharing in daily basis our thoughts and expectations, our dreams for the future and our disappointments in the present. Times went by, and at the end of 1999 I was merely one of the few who stayed back home, living in Cuba.

My friends were in Miami, Los Angeles, New York, Madrid, Montevideo and Mexico City. At the beginnings, we were in touch each other through emails here and there, but through the times we were stranded into oblivion and ended forgetting each others.

Back in the past, we left our yearly meeting at the end of the course in University. I was even surprise the first time I went to Cuba, after began my life in Toronto, and unexpectedly find one of my old girlfriends at those times and check how different we become in time. She succeed where she was living, Austria, but her marriage was a disaster and I couldn’t believe how old and awkward we became.

Life changes everything. I remember looking back and to our initials goals in the earliest 90’s. Here and there we lost friends, some left the country, others were working too close to the government machinery and we just didn’t match anymore. I was getting more and more sceptical about Cuba.

And then, I reached the point of no return. That moment when you realized you don’t have any other choice rather than throw the fighting gloves and leave. And the first thought it came to my mind was, how many of my friends reached that particular moment and just go, without any goodbye or a little message in our email.

Years later I found myself here, in a strange place with strange people with strange surroundings and my first question was: how could we end our long road through life here, far away from home?

That is the first question that comes to my mind today, Christmas Day. Because Christmas is about home, family, friends, and people who really mean something to you. This is the time of the year when you look back and reflect how you do end your long stroll through life in this point and start to pull petals off from your daisy.

All roads lead to Rome as you can say. And our Rome is sleeping fresh and carefree with his family and lackeys, and throwing darts to keep this ugly business on. Our families and our friends are divided by fake frontiers lifted by people who don’t even care about their own family ties. Can we mention names?

Yes, we can mention names, but today is Christmas and my mood has been touched by that feeling Christmas bring to us: reconciliation, forgiveness and peace.

So, I woke up early, turn off my computer and start my day reaching out there to my friend first, and to my family in Cuba. I wrote a note to everyone saying I hadn’t forget you and I am here standing by you, as always I was.

We need each other to turn the page in our disappointments and hatred. We need to move on in life, turn back when we were happy and rebuild our future, because it is the future who counts. I have that goal dangling in my Christmas tree for the next year and I had begun that path today.

Because Home is where your Heart is, no matters where you are, how you are living, what you are doing, and what you are wishing to happen. Home is in you, wherever you go, a piece of Cuba is travelling in your heart and stay with you forever, no matter those inquisitors who trying to steal your identity saying you left it back.

No, Cuba is in you, forever. Merry Christmas !!!!!!!