Friday, December 11, 2009

Cubans Hospitals

For its revealings images, I would like to

Cuban Hospitals: Hijas de Galicia (Daughters of Galicia), Luyano, Havana
  invite you to watch this video, courtesy of YouTube, in which an amateur take a peek at one of the Hospitals in Cuba, named “Hijas de Galicia” (Daughters of Galicia in English).

The Cuban authorities are “proud” of the Health Care system. I wonder if their citizens have the same opinions. I guess, according to what I heard in the video, they are not.

I give a little suggestions: pay attention to the shower, the windows in the bathroom, and the outlet on the wall of the small room.

There are to many details to look at. The video is a testimony about the quality of what is supporting Fidel Castro nomination to the Nobel Price: I guess, the nominators and the tyrant are in the same page, and not the people of Cuba.

One last thought: I am sure, Mr Castro is not resting his bones in a room like the video shows.


colinfisher said...

Honest and No Hype, I so respect the fact you show this video.
I am not Cuban but very aware of the daily goings on en la isla.

I want to say this though, at least the majority of Doctors in Cuba show 10x more compassion for patients than any Medico de Deniro en la Yuma.

However for me, that is a reflection of the heart pof the Cuban people in general & not the system.

mi siento muy cubano