Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Message in Havana

Yesterday was the winter session of our National Assembly in Cuba, sort of Parliament which only sessions two times in a year, and now and then with an extraordinary meeting. Western societies use to the idea of what it is a Parliament could associate these meetings in such a way, but it is not.Christmas Message in Havana

Our National Assembly had been designed in the way Roman Emperors addressed their people: they give their speech and people listen. It takes one two days and no more, our leaders don’t have too much time to dedicate to their subjects.

It is just impossible to understand how six hundred people could discuss anything in one day, have an analytical approach to the issues they have to deal and reach any consensus. You could add a few interventions of a minister in question, some formalities to start the approval process and we are heading to the expected conclusion with the leader in charge, Raul Castro.

Well, that’s happened yesterday December 20 in Havana. Raul Castro delivered a crisp and short speech addressing in a few words what it is happening, what is going to happen or not. Like the emperor addressing Rome.

Our Christmas message was gloomy: 2010 would be worst than 2009. I mean, since I have memories I can tell you that’s the same words I heard in every session of our “Parliament”. He didn’t stop there. Aiming his complains at Obama’s administration Raul Castro accused the American President to continue his predecessor’s policy to destabilize Cuba: “The US government has not renounced its goal of destroying the revolution”.

Castro also accused Washington of organizing protests, referring to the pacific protest hold by the Ladies in White in the International Day of Human Rights without mentioned them. Gloomily, he added: “I will simply remind you here, that there are people willing to protect, at any price, the conquest of the Revolution”.

That was our Christmas present yesterday: a sombre menace against our small civil society, arrogance and bad news. To those who were expecting changes and reforms, to those who talked about Castro as a reformist and pragmatic, to those who saw signals of change in Cuba: Wake Up!

The Christmas message from Cuba to their people is clear: they are getting the same of the same after 50 years. They are holding an American prisoners who was distributing some equipment between our civil society in Havana, and as a signal of the future, the National Assembly “voted” to include as a VP of the Council of State nothing more and nothing less than Ramiro Valdes who was the first Minister of Interior in Cuba after 1959, a well known hunting dog against dissidence.

There won’t be any change possible and any positive approach to Cuba until those key members of our Socialist Empire disappear as a natural result or as a result of a social movement against them.

Late in the evening, the National Assembly adjourned. Probably nobody in Cuba watched Raul Castro addressing their “deputies”. People are bored to death of those rehearsed shows. They know our spurious Parliament is a montage, a circus to ours Emperor in charge. The only thing they are satisfied is we have no more to bear 6 hours listening Fidel Castro.

In the case of Raul, He shoots straight to the point to kill the monkey and leave the circus.