Sunday, November 1, 2009

Swine Flu and Castro

Today the headlines in the world pray: Cuba swine flu 'from US tourists'. I guess you already know who spread out the news: Fidel Castro.

Lacking another original excuse about what had caused the embargo, Castro still managed to blame his nemesis for the decease and the deaths in the island. This time he stopped short to attribute it to an American conspiracy, as usually he does, I guess because of the popularity of the host in the White House.

I think the ageing dictator is falling short lately in everything. Day after day, he witness how US had changed in a few months for the best in the eyes of the world, and his long everlasting career as the champion against the ogre is fading. Today, Obama is more popular everywhere than Castro, and he is making more headlines than the old devil.

So, what are all these mental dysentery about swine flu and the American visitors to Havana? What is ultimately his purpose behind these accusations?

If we are going to point a finger against every single place in the world that is behind the spread of an infectious decease or virus or disaster, there wouldn’t be any place to have credit for being clear out of the list. In the other hand, Castro is without any doubt credited for being the mastermind behind many of the longest and bloodiest conflicts in this part of the planet.

Do you need a list? Just remember the nuclear crisis in 1962 in Cuba, or the guerrilla in Bolivia and Colombia, even his intentions in Argentine, his involvement in Nicaragua and Salvador, and don’t forget his incursions in Africa and Asia. In fact, there are few places where Castro hadn’t tried really hard to be involved anyhow.

But, what it is behind this silly accusation is just his fears and his tantalizing tremors that his time is over, and after him, Cuba will be different. There is no doubt that he is looking how all the walls lifted between Cuba and US are crumbling, and every single line in his list of justifications for the reclusion of his people are falling apart.

As always he did before, with every one of the American Administration, he is trying to constrain the avalanche of freedom and hope to the people of Cuba. One by one: Carter, Reagan, Clinton, and many others after and before suffered the sting of this old dinosaur.

But like every dinosaur in the past, he will be only a stuffed reptile in one of the historian museum around the world testifying an era who came to an end without glory and splendour. And for his account: HISTORY WON’T ABSOLVE HIM!!!