Saturday, November 21, 2009

The silence of the Press

I would like to parody the well-known book about Hannibal Lecter, but that’s not my actual intentions here. I rather just remark how the Canadian press is lacking absolutely about news from Cuba, even when Cuba is one of the most important destinations for Canadians (see my post “Canada in Cuba”).harper 2

It looks to me Canada would have to show a little more of attention at what’s happening there, don’t you think. But it is not.

Sometimes it is eye-opening to make a little research around internet; it is a very useful tool when it comes to approach to some issues like this one. In the list of the Canadians newspapers by circulation, you will find out that the top three are:

  1. Toronto Star              – 2 349 760
  2. The Globe and Mail      – 1 996 582
  3. Le Journal de Montreal – 1 577 987

Others newspapers like The National Post and Toronto Sun are making the fifth and sixth in the list. Meanwhile, Toronto Star makes the top of the Canadians around the world. So, putting together those two starting point you have to agree with me that our Canadians press have to dig a little bit more in our Cuban reality on behalf of their own citizen who are travelling constantly to Cuba. Wrong again!!!

Back to internet and you’ll find that the last news about the Caribbean island is dated in November 18, and it is in The Toronto Star: a short resemblance about the last report of The Human Rights Watch about Cuba which is nothing new at this height.

It is very frustrated when you know the last two weeks have been plenty on news about Cuba, and I only listing a few:

  • A well-known blogger assaulted by the policy in Havana.
  • US Department of State condemning that assault.
  • President Obama responded 7 questions from the same blogger through internet.
  • A massive repressive act against another blogger in downtown Havana.
  • A heated discussion in the Congress of US about the embargo.

All those news had made headlines around the world, but in Canada. My question is: WHY?

Why the Canadian government is not speaking about the big amounts of money retained by Cuban’s banks in debts to Canadian’s companies?

Another question, more suggestive: is it possible Canada doesn’t want the embargo lifted in order to keep the Cuban market at any cost and that’s why Harper is lip-sailed?

The silence of the Press is the same silent of the lambs in the famous book of Thomas Harris. We are not a big community here in Canada, but there are Cubans living in many parts of this beautiful country. We deserve a little more attention from our government in a more engaging way with the Cuban society, not only with the Cuban government.

Cuba is not only Castro, Cuba is not only the officials; Cuba is not only the embassy in Ottawa. We need more signs from the Canadian government addressing the situation with the civil society inside the little island.

We are still waiting.