Thursday, November 5, 2009

Questions without answers

Sometimes I think Cuba is out there in another planet, or like a spaceship circumvallating the earth in its own orbit, not in the good way, but in the Orwellian kind of perspective, with its own gravity and its own laws, engage in disconnect itself from the planet to where belong.

The worst sensation is to feel that that spaceship doesn’t have any well known trajectory and future in plan. It is the star that is falling from somewhere and you never know where it goes and from where it’s coming..

Moreover, the dazzling sensation when a friend or someone you know ask you what is going to happen with Cuba after Castro. That question floats over you and you are numb with no known answer possible, but you guess it has to be for better, it is the only answer you possible attempt to stutter.

Then, you start questioning everything.

When Castro is gone, what will happen with the system? Which politicians will be in charge? Will be the eternal Socialism or Cuba will be open for all the Cubans without any exceptions?

What kind of democracy would be installed? Would be a democracy or another tyranny with another name? Who will be the allies of the future government of Cuba: USA, UE or Venezuela?

What is going to happen with the embargo, or the Helms-Burton Law? What the exiles are going to do?

There are too many essentials questions whose answers depend from which would be the scheme of power and the type of system installed, and there are no easy answers to any of them.

Today, Raul Castro is only tinkering with the oily rusted system. None of them had prepared any saga of their own; none of them want a figure in their shadow. That’s why time after time they shake up all the structure of power.

In the other side, the Cuban-American politicians had been living with the policy about Cuba in their pockets, making money and career, and only listening to the tinkling sound of the coins that the embargo brings. They don’t really care about those who are striving with their lives day to day with no future in the horizon in Cuba.

To those, who are going to answer their daily questions about survive and hope?

Where do they go?