Friday, November 20, 2009

Panfilo strikes again

There is another video of Panfilo circulating in internet, this time with more outrageous behaviour in what looks like a bar or a public space with tourists surrounding him. Again, the singular character is completely lost in alcohol, but this time it is not about food what the drunkard is misbehaving, it is about Raul Castro.panfilo again

Panfilo jumped to the world when in one of his well-known drinking feast broke surprisingly a street interview and started to ask for “Jama” (the slang word for food). The video was watched around the world in few hours, and captured the special attention in YouTube, escalating in popularity when it reached TV news channels like CNN and many of the Hispanic TV stations in Florida.

At the beginning it was a sort of joke that showed the actual picture of what it is Cuba nowadays. A funny beginning turned into a tragedy, when the Cuban authorities send the poor lad to jail. Suddenly, Panfilo became more a victim of the system installed in a country with surrealistic dimensions.

Today season of Panfilo’s, as we can say, it is not funny anymore. I posted the original and first video, this time I won’t posted the new one. It is macabre, disgusting and completely despicable for so many reasons, at so many levels.

First, it is very questionable the intentions hiding behind the video. You don’t see other faces rather than Panfilo’s, the few others are blurred and that speaks a lot about the authors of the video. They don’t have the nerve to show their faces, they don’t have the nerve to show their real identity.

Second, at this time everybody around the world knows that the poor guy is in real danger for the foulest reason of all: he is a drunkard and doesn’t know anything when he starts to talk. The people seated there watching him knows what they are doing; they are provoking him and using him for second reasons. They don’t have the courage to say what he is saying, but they want somebody else to say it. Pretty sneaky behaviour, don’t you think?

Third, Panfilo used one of the older rumours circulating in Cuba and in the world about some apparent sexual preference of Raul Castro. He called Castro: “Maricon” (what it is a very vulgar Cuban slang to name gays).

The Cuban culture is pretty macho style and gays are still very harassed and discriminated. The use intentionally of the video slamming Raul Castro in that way is more despicable, not because slammed Castro, but because it is showing a biased and prejudiced vision about homosexuality in a country where we all need a more open mind in every aspect of our reality.

It is also despicable, because rather than slam Raul Castro it is slamming those who are fighting with honesty and courage without any sort of prejudice or bias. It’s not insulting the way you thrown a tyrant.

But, the most important reason of all, it is a coward attitude to show a drunkard saying something despicable meanwhile the real face is hiding behind the camera.

Get the nerve and show who you are, or turn off the camera!!!!