Sunday, November 1, 2009

Ladies in White

The two faces of Cuba you can see it where you make a search in internet. It is easy to go to Google and try to find pictures of the Cuban Five, and you will see an endless amount of pages and pages dedicated to those who are in prison in US for monitoring Cuban exiles groups and even US government agencies.

Mostly, all of those links belong to the Cuba government and/or groups of Castro’s supporters. And you guess, if you try to do the same thing for the 75 dissidents in Cuban prisons, you will find almost emptied handed, because the government try in every unimaginable way to cut the international media and their supporters to get a picture, information, even a name.

It is a double standard that you always find involving a hot topic with Cuba. Cuba’s authorities don’t provide any facility to opponents of its regime. There is no internet for anybody in Cuba, but even worst for dissidents, they are constantly scrutinize for the intelligence services of the government, and when their name become too prominent, to visible anyhow, it is time to get them in jail: as simple as that.

These are the two faces of Cuba: financing 5 spies in a foreigner country to obtain information from government agencies or civil associations, and condemning to the ostracism their opponents.

What it is more important, those who are in jail in Cuba didn’t do anything that you can consider illegal in a democratic country: they didn’t spy to any foreigner government, they didn’t inform to whom is consider your enemy about any sensible information, and they didn’t even live a secret life.

They are well-known dissidents with different outspoken opinions about Castro and his regime. They talked to the media (not the official media, of course, they are not interested in them, you can guess why), they go to the American embassy, or sort of, and access internet there (they don’t have another choice), they meet each other time to time in a private place (a house belonging to one of them, when the police and their paramilitary forces allow them to fulfill the meeting), and they do what in every single country in this world is considered complete allowed.

But for the standards of Castro, those activities are dangerous to the Revolution and personally to him, who is the only voice allowed to be heard.

So, if you try to find their pictures, you barely found a few of them. That is why I chose to bring the picture of their wives, sisters and mothers, all of them grouped in a movement call: Ladies in White.

To make a difference with Castro, I also provide here the picture of the other face of Cuba: the five spies, called Cuban Five.

Just, don’t get me wrong, my sympathies are with the Ladies in White, for obvious reasons.