Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Gadgets in Chains

I am recalling one of my posts about internet, I feel the necessity to dig more into it. Moreover after read some headlines announcing the possibility for all the reporters in Havana to access internet in all the hotels along the island.

This is the kind of journalism we are use to hear from the international media settled in Cuba, and they don’t lift the eyebrow to anybody. My question for them: what about the people of Cuba? Are they count anyhow for those reporters?

In recent months, Raul Castro opened the computer market to the locals, with a cost that anybody can afford it. Well, a few only can afford it to be more precise. And, as I said in my last post, many news channels, newspapers and international media fumed about how Raul Castro was changing Cuba, meaning opening Cuba, what it is not.

The point is: You got the computer, let say with the money that some relative sent you from Europe, what do you do with that computer?

Our blue planet is an interconnected world. The possibility to buy a computer is the guarantee to get an internet connection at home, get an email service and write to your friends, inform and be inform, search for products and services, access to your online bank account, pay your bills, and entertain also. (Manage a blog like this, I would say too).

But Cuba, my friends, is in another orbit. The fact that Raul Castro allowed our folks to buy a cell phone, and a computer, with high costs, in another currency than they are paid, all these “openings” don’t mean anything, because you are not allowed to get an internet service at home and get an alternative source of information rather than the strict official sources.

What do you do with your gadgets chained, muted and castrated?

Are you going to hang them in your living room?

For many years Fidel Castro slapped the face of this world saying he wouldn’t open the hotels to our citizens, because that would create discrimination, segregation and a huge difference of standards of life in Cuba: pure hypocrisy, let me say.

Well, Fidel Castro hiding behind Raul is creating that abysmal difference selling those gadgets in a different currency that the majority of our people can’t obtain, but at the same time, they are segregating our people from the world: not allowing Cubans to reach internet from which they are terrified.

So, at the end of the day, the government of Cuba is selling gadgets in chains, and nothing more.