Monday, November 23, 2009

The fault is the culprit

It is not a joke, but what it is really a joke is an article in GRANMA, the dinosaur of all the newspapers in this world (probably, I guess, with the exception of those in North Korea), in which some obscure journalist in that daily garbage said that nobody in the king of censorship in the Cuban media had prohibited the access to reporters and journalists to information of any kind, and start blaming intermediate officials for censorship of any kind.culpable

Is this person living in Cuba or in which planet of our universe?

Just let me give her the chance of a doubt. Let me say she never heard Fidel Castro ranting and raving about movies like “Alice in a Wonderland Town” and witnessed how the movie disappeared from the theatres the next day. Or his complaints about all the Russians magazines during the Glasnost, especially “Moscow News”, and suddenly all the Russians publications were banned in Cuba. Better, she was born after the Congress of UNEAC where his majestic again rebuffed against the intellectuals who are living abroad. UNEAC is the National Association of Writers and Artists of Cuba, for those who are not familiar with the Cuban nomeklatura.

I am afraid that if I continue I won’t have enough space to finish this post. In my last post about Franco and Castro, I remarked the huge similarities between each of them. Censorship at every level is one of the stamps of both regimes.

It is ridiculous, but you can learn about the history of this matter reading this daily garbage GRANMA through all this 50 years of Cuban Revolution. There big names in arts and literature banned from the pages of this libel: Lezama Lima, Virgilio Pineira, Jorge Mañach, Cabrera Infantes, Reynaldo Arenas, etc.

The list would be too long and endless. Today, many of these names are breaking the pages of that newspaper laughing and pocketing at the scribbles of this obscure journalist or reporter or whoever she is. But it is a comedy with a tragedy in background. Many of those intellectuals were ignored, attacked and vilify from the pages of GRANMA.

Who is going to trust in a journalist blaming intermediate bureaucrats and never pointing to high levels in hierarchy?

Are they the responsible for ignoring any mention in that newspaper of the Varela Project?

Are they the ones we need to blame for never publish or mention names like Osvaldo Paya, Yoani Sanchez or Ladies of Whites?

Are they to whom refused to publish the pictures of the Tugboat Massacre of July 13, 1994?

You have to be too ignorant, abstruse and ridiculous to try to sell that story. Those pages are running in Cuba to other courses and are designated to other more basics body functions. But it is essentially a mystical item in a newspaper use to mystify dinosaurs with articles like “Journalism with phobias”.

If there is any phobia in GRANMA, it could be its fear to tell the truth.

I would suggest to Katia Siberia to be free of any phobia and look up there and ask to those who are nameless in her article. They are information that Cubans need to know, I would ask her only two questions:

· How much cost our bureaucrats, especially the Castro’s clan?

· How much cost the army, the associations in charge of the repression and the security forces shielding Castro and company?

I hope those questions won’t be catalogued as “military and state secret” by the resolution of Politburo as she quotes.

I will hope the best for you in that quest, but I have no hope.