Sunday, November 8, 2009


It is a term running through the pages of the pro-Castro’s Blogs around the virtual world. The old Nazi technique to discredit dissentions, oppositions and differences with the official speech is nowadays the ruling weapon in hands of the official bloggers of Cuba.

It is nothing new: from the old ages, through Goebbels to Fidel Castro. It is used to label people with own opinion and a more fresh approach to the situation in Cuba, and it is thanks to that fresh approach that the independent bloggers had reached a huge audience in the cyberspace, especially the youth.

For the foreigners, it is very peculiar that those bloggers talk about segregation, prohibition and blockage of internet from Cuba, especially when there are 300 blogs registered: 200 official bloggers and around 100 dissidents. Then, the most common implication for the general public is that we have a regular internet service in our hands over there, especially if you have a geographical knowledge about how small is our island. Wrong!!!

Those 200 official bloggers are only the contention walls against the civil society; they are supported by “intellectuals” completely under the control of the regime with personal agendas and personal interests. Of course, a bit of envy, spiced up with arrogance and despise.

The term itself is flooded with despise. It is alluding to the conversational style, use of the common Cuban slangs and humour of the independent blogs. But, don’t get it wrong, the Castro’s pupils are only addressing their poisonous tongue against only a bunch of names, and with special interest in one, the one most iconic of all of them: GENERATION Y, supported by Yoani Sanchez.

Why Yoani and not a very well known dissident? There are many reasons: Yoani represents the tip of the iceberg in the civil cyberspace society in Cuba, she is the one with more impacts and hits in internet, she had won international awards and in a name referenced by many news channels, newspapers and recognized figures around the world.

Easily, you can find the vitriolic attack in sites like KAOSENLARED or CAMBIOSENCUBA. The profile of those are typical of the premises spread for the Goebbelian originals, and in Cuba is back to only one person who made of that technique his personal stamp: Fidel Castro.

Just two tiny little examples: in public speeches Castro named George W. Bush “buche” (cheek pouch, in Spanish) or back in the 60’s when he called to his opponents and people who emigrated abroad “gusanos” (worms).

The history of the Cuban Revolution is the history of intolerance, discredit to any dissidence and public mockery about any form of opposition to Castro. Today, you reap what you sow, and “intellectuals” like Rafael Hernandez, director of the magazine “TEMAS”, is walking the same line drew by the finest specimens of the regime in its origins.

Cyberchancleteo is labelled everything attached to internet, because internet and its freedom bring all the fears of the Cuban regime. With internet, they don’t have the monopoly of information, what it means in pure Orwell language, they won’t have “doublethinking” anymore: they can’t change the colors of the truth.

If you remember George Orwell in 1984 (what I recommended to read without any doubt):

“Who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.”

My personal questions for all the people who are reading us around the world, and doesn’t have any idea about the crude reality of Cuba is: how is possible that 200 sites are spreading the same perfect picture from the island without any problems at the time to access the global network and a few of them, with a whole different spectrum of approach, point of views and styles had to struggle day to day to send their post to their blogs?

And the most important question: why the officials are so afraid of a bunch of bloggers if they are more and don’t have the difficulties to publish their posts?

Why are they so terrified with the cyberchancleteo?