Friday, November 6, 2009

Black or White

You daily read a newspaper, watch CNN, consult a magazine in your way home or to your job, listen to the news in a radio station, access in your computer the BBC website to check the latest headlines in the world, and receive in your email the latest post of your favourite blog.

Usually you feedback with your opinions and your thoughts, and try to fix yourself this complicated crossword that it had became our tiny world. You already admonished with your opinions to some others, express your inner fears gently or simply decide let them pass without any hurt, any offense, and any burst.

That civilized global discussion has an important exception when we break our swords with Cuba. For some inexplicable reasons Cuba flames any debate in two polarized zones: those who paint it as a Paradise; the other who only see Evil.

When it comes to Cuba, supporters only match a paradisiacal Health Care and Education System, equal opportunities to everyone to study, reach universities and get a job, and I don’t want to forget the controversial side of the sports and the medals in Olympiads and Pan-American Games.

But they compromise the whole chapter of Human Rights, Civil and Political Rights, personal freedom, Democracy and tolerance. Those values are the core of liberalism as social system.

In the other hand, we have the enemies of the communist Cuba: dissidents, social and civil activists, western politicians, well known intellectuals compromised with Democracy and freedom of speech, and old established institutions like the Catholic Church and the Masonry.

For those, Cuba is the quintessential incarnation of the Devil: prosecuting dissidents, intellectuals, homosexuals, and common people who only differ in opinions. For those, there is nothing left in a Cuba post-Castro: everything has to be burn to the ashes.

Black or White with nothing in between: there is nobody left. Even high scholars or intellectuals like Jose Saramago who despised Cuba in 2003 when Castro sent to jail 75 dissidents, later dismissed his own words and recanted his attitude. In the eyes of the western intellectuals, the aura of the Cuban Revolution has to be preserved at any cost.

The most common absurd is to see those leftists who condemn dictators like Pinochet and admire the Castro’s regime; just because the myth of the Cuban Revolution is the Sacred Stone for them no matter what is the real Cuba for their citizens.

The biggest lessons in History have been always that there is nothing absolute in any of the extremes: not to the left, not to the right, just in the very center. And it is common sense with Cuba.

We have positives experiences with or without Castro, and we have very devastated problems with a system who had established the intolerance as the heart of our society. From there, we have two roads departing in opposed directions with no reconciliations and forgiveness.

It is black or white in the heart of our own people, and black or white in the world around us.

It is time to say good bye to that world, and welcome to a new era of understanding. And let leave aside Castro for a while: it would be better for the sake of Cuba, absolutely.