Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bananas is my Business

Usually we address our problems in Cuba charging against the heart of the storm: the system’s bureaucracy and its hardliners. But there is another side of our story and that side is fundamentally settled in Florida and the group of Cuban-American legislators whom had made their living lobbying in the Congress of United States against the people of Cuba.

Ileana Ros-Lethinen is the most prominent legislator of the triad representing our community in US. She is also a member of the Congressional Cuba Democracy Caucus and one of their most conservative members. Ros-Lethinen is also a republican although she had supported some issues about gay’s rights in company with democrats.

In all her job in the Congress of US, Ileana Ros-Lethinen had gained prominence as one of the hardliners against Castro, but also against the people of Cuba. She had been the greatest supporter figure against ending the embargo. Let me don’t forget, she was an iconic figure in the standoff of Elian Gonzalez in Miami, leading to the great fiasco in that case, but remarking the monstrosity of a politician who embarks in any crusade even at the cost of the rights of a father. The only fault of this father was he was born in Cuba.

Ros-Lethinen never had stopped at nothing in order to defend the will of the old owners of Cuba against the common people living in the island. She had sponsored and co-sponsored legislations detailing how a foreigner country has to proceed in the internal affairs of another country.

The politicians in Miami had been legislating for more than 40 years thinking in the old owners of lands, businesses and properties in my country, and they dangled in congressional laws topic sabout how to proceed in a democratic Cuba, how the congress of US have to supervise and controls the democratic process and how Cuba has to fulfil a long list of requirements in order to lift the embargo.

Let’s put apart the fact that in Cuba we have a totalitarian regime. Just the idea of a foreigner democracy is establishing rules and fulfilments to another country it’s not only an anachronism in this XXI Century, but a totalitarian indictment by itself.

In a recent letter send to President Obama and signed by the legislator in March 25 she, amongst others, said:

Any easing of sanctions, without demanding any concessions lessening the oppression of the people by the regime, will serve to strengthen the dictatorship and demoralize the Cuban people.

For more than 50 years that piece of crap had been doing nothing but demoralize the President of US, the Congress of the bigger democracy in the world and keeping taxpayers to support legislator like Ileana Ros-Lethinen.

Ask to any of the dissidents in Cuba how much money this congresswoman had sent to them.

I guess none of the CNN reporters’ adventure to make any point about this. The embargo only benefits the totalitarian regime in Cuba in the entire spectrum: politically, morally and judicially.

We all witnessed in UN recently, and in every single occasion Castro and his company are endorsing any problem in the name of the embargo. In fact, the embargo is nowadays the only reason Castro could be mention with authority and we have to admit he is right.

It causes damage to the image of the US Presidency, endangers any solution in our country, and the worst is the only who are suffering the embargo is the people of Cuba, those Cubans to whom this politician is trying to serve, according to her.

Unfortunately, meanwhile the state of Florida chose Barack Obama as President of US, at the same time the estate of Florida chose to keep our Banana Republic team anchored there, especially in Miami with specimens like Ros-Lethinen.

God, save our souls!!!