Wednesday, November 11, 2009

After Castro

All we have a dream to see the moment where our country will be definitively free. The people of Cuba thought that moment was in January, 1959. But the dreams didn’t go too far, it was a ghost ship sinking a few weeks later.

Faces changed, names changed, words changed. We lived the dream but the dream left our country in a boat, in a plane, over a raft. We had been living as an orphan surrounded by democracies. And today, we are alone.

Three years after Castro banished from our TV screens, the world is still wondering about promises, openings and fantasies. We thought we are the only ones dreaming. But the whole world is dreaming every time when they are asking for the changes of the “new Castro” era.

We are not in POST CASTRO's, we are still in Castro's era. It’s the same story of 1959. There are no changes, only a few gadgets dangling like trophies for the speculations and hopes. A mockery long lasted hold by a few enthusiastic reporters and analysts who filled headlines in their newspapers and earn a few dollars.

After Castro, another Castro took over and we are living a second hand of the same tyranny with different first name. But like in English, the last name describes the person and nothing had been changed. The "legacy" is still on.

We all have the dream of the real change, when the doors of our beautiful country will be open without any restrictions for every one. We have your dream, Mr Castro, a dream you spoke in self-defence in 1953:

Once upon a time there was a Republic. It had its Constitution, its laws, its freedoms, a President, a Congress and Courts of Law. Everyone could assemble, associate, speak and write with complete freedom... There were political parties, radio and television debates and forums and public meetings. The whole nation pulsated with enthusiasm... They felt confident that no one would dare commit the crime of violating their democratic institutions... All their hope was in the future.
We feel the same, Mr Castro, just you are not in our future because you were a deceitful dream. We innocently believed in false prophecies, and we trusted that such a past could not return, again.

But it returned. We don’t want an AFTER CASTRO with Castro. We want a change, a progress, and all this is in our hands. We are the future.