Friday, October 23, 2009

Two Cuba

There are two Cuba. One, colourful, vintage and picturesque, made for tourists and postcards, vibrant in colors and commodities, crowded with comfy hotels and splashed with gorgeous beaches. The second is dirty, old and scorched, made for the locals, plenty of crumbling buildings, empties stores and tiny little nests where life live in fatigues.

There are two Cuba. The one you can find in Varadero, Cayo Coco, and many, many resorts, included Havana. The other is the rest of the country, with no commodities, with people dreaming to leave the island in their way to heaven, or sort of.

There are two Cuba. The one in the capital city, with a standard of life slightly more high than the rest of the country, with more life and vibrancy, where you can find a better job, or a better product, or a better way to obtain the hard dollar to bring food to your family. The other, scattered with little towns, obscure tiny places with an empty plaza surrounded by the inevitable Catholic Church, the police station and the obscure little movie theatre.

There are two Cuba. The Cuba made for the officials, with new cars, comfortable houses and open doors to any other trip to Mexico or Spain, or even Canada. The other Cuba strolls to get a bus, or an old taxi that we name “almendron” (big almond), or simply walk. This is Cuba made for the average Cuban, sometime with no electricity at home, and an average salary of 15.00 dollars per month. The Cubans who only could travel when leaves their country legally or illegally, in a plane or in a boat, or even in an old ford transformed in a boat thanks to a miracle of their invention to survive.

There are two Cuba. The Cuba you could watch on TV, with the glamour and the flavour of the slogans and the feverish speeches. The other Cuba neither listens nor believes, just wait as time goes by, and pray for a miracle that never happens. A few dissents openly with no few fears; the rest bow their head down, with no hopes, no will, and no voice.

There are two Cuba. The one with dollars in their pockets, and an open ticket to buy whatever they want. The other Cuba starves slowly and quietly age.

There are two Cuba. The one left the island and live everywhere dreaming with his home country every night. The other sleeps in their own country dreaming with the moment when they can also leave their homeland in their way to the world, forever.