Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Seven Planets

Since I was a little boy I was amazed with the story of the little prince written by Antoine de Saint-Exupery. The story of the boy jumping through each of seven planets is the story of my own people, and you can say it without any doubt.

From the King who is eternally commanding, to the vain man who never hears anything but praise, or the lamplighter who only request orders, The Little Prince is outstandingly a source of inspiration to look at my country and reflect.

Cuba could be that planet with his King commanding up and down, right and left, staring at the stars to command to obey his orders, no matters if that man is out of sight.

The third planet acknowledge the long and ashamed period of time our people had lived without their own voice, and opinion, and will. We gave up, and now we are drinking to forget we are ashamed of drinking. Or maybe to forget that: “There’s nothing to understand, orders are orders”, as the lamplighter says.

Anyway. You can choose here and there a bit of cleverness behind every story in every planet that my little prince jumps. The question is: From Here, where could we go?

Cuba is still in time. The youngest are jumping here and there, and the king is vanishing with his servants. Meanwhile, a beautiful country is dying, almost quietly in front of everyone, almost unnoticed in front of the whole world. Nobody throw the throne, but runs to salute the second king.

The king is dead, long live the king!!!