Sunday, October 25, 2009

One Voice, One Hand?

We were born in a place where gigantic crows clapped unanimously longs and dramatics speeches in the Revolution Square, where almost the entire country votes with one hand to support a system consecrated to one man, and where everybody trusts the destiny of the entire nation to one party, one ideology, and one will: Fidel Castro.

Now, that’s never happened in history. There is nothing unanimous in any political system, religion or believe. There is nothing of the kind in our history: it is a myth and part of the catechism that the Cuban Revolution and the regime’s propaganda spread.

The great lesson that our forefathers brought to us is, ultimately: we are the result of a social process built with the effort and the strength of all political and social forces in the past. But that wasn’t a thrill for Castro. Where there is a democratic society there is no a cult to one personality: there is a group of men pushing to achieve one goal, but there is not one voice, one leader.

Jose Marti, the apostle of our independence as we called him, said in one clever statement: “La Patria es de Todos” (The homeland is for everybody).

There weren’t unanimous our forefathers, but all of them worked together to built our independence. We couldn’t forget that the man who designs our national flag, Narciso Lopez, was an annexationist who wanted our country to join the young North American confederation, and he fought with the rest of our patriots for our independence from Spain.

That’s the lesson behind every unanimous vote to the Socialism: we are all dissidents against the system who establishes one party, one opinion, one leader; against the system who denied our own will and our own believes.

Leaving the same premises where all were addressed by Fidel Castro, every one returned to our adamant opinion as citizen of our own believes.

We are not different than anyone in this world: we are not followers of one voice. The leader was charismatic, smart and sneaky to attract million of followers in the romantic era of the Cuban Revolution, surrounded by the aura of the guerrilla against a dictator: Fulgencio Batista. That's era is over.

Left, we only have its ashes.