Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I guess it is one of the most known places in Cuba. Floridita is one of the landmarks of Havana, and a point where many fellows Canadians converge. Known for being one of the most frequently places visited by Ernest Hemingway where he usually drank his famous daiquiri, the small restaurant is in the very entrance of Old Havana: the corner of Egido and Obispo.

Canadians who travel to Cuba known that fact, they don’t forget to take the inevitable picture in front of the tiny place. And I know many Canadians who are fascinated with Cuba, and especially with Old Havana. They love the old flavour that Havana brings to them.

What they don’t know, and actually unknown absolutely, is the face behind that Old Havana. They only see beautiful old restored buildings, the majestic architecture in the old Cathedral, or the vintage splendour of the famous Floridita.

Now, I took this picture in March 2009, a few months ago. It is the famous corner with the famous restaurant, indeed.

But, wait a second, just look up on top of the restaurant and on the left of the sign, and you got it. That is a building where a bunch of Cubans families are living.

You don’t have to be a genius to understand that in those conditions, the building could be barely supporting its walls, but it is supporting its walls and many families inside its crumbling premises.

You don’t need to leave Old Havana, my friends Canadians, to know how our folks are living in my country.

My question is: Did you get that picture?