Thursday, October 29, 2009

Juanita Talked

At last, we have the last season of the longest Cuban-American soup-opera at home: Juanita
Castro talked, and talked, and talked.

Apparently, there is nothing more entertain for South Florida than when one of the Castro's family talks. They switch each other in order to keep the audience busy: sometimes, Fidel in Cuba; next day, her daugter in some place. After that, all the Cuban-Amercan radio stations and the rest of the anti-Castro zoo start the real show.

This week our comedy season brought to us Juanita Castro, who for more than 40 years kept a huge secret to be reveal in a grand finale: She, Juanita Castro, was a CIA agent, and nobody knew it. Amazing!!!

It was so secret and well kept that the own CIA officials unknown the fact. So, don't waste your time trying to find in the pages declassified by CIA her secret name: Donna. Don't bother, folks, it is not there.

Poor soul. she may be in need of some money (I remember now she sold her pharmacy because it was in bankruptcy) and the solution was to sell her most valuable secret to somebody. Of course, in Miami, that somebody has a name. OK?

At least, if Juanita could confirm our secret suspicions about the softest side of her brother Raul, we were happy. I mean, to tell us, for instance, that Raul kept a bunch of Chippendales in his time in Sierra Maestra. O. I try another one: Fidel Castro was use to striptease for the guerrilla.

But, there is nothing of the kind. Juanita came back just to sell something that is too old, too known and too silly. The whole story about the Castro's is ridiculous. It is time to move on and say good bye, turn out that page and change the characters, not only in Cuba, even more in Miami.

So, Juanita, please, next time just head up to Alaska to speak with Sara Palin. At least, we can have some entertainment between the two.